At the karun bank / 2013

Unintentional suspension; The calm after the storm; my land, where I should’ve been born in; Khuzestan; reminder of ancient history, Ziggurat of Chogha-Zanbil, Shush (Susa) , Izeh, etc. and contemporary history, oil, war, and …

In this exhibition, I have emphasized the forgotten people of Khuzestan from the heart of her ancient as well contemporary history. The people whose land is a crossing, and for whom oil has offered war and misery. Realities of this life, takes them to a place in between space and earth where the ambient heat floats them to create a strange surreal image for the viewer. This obscure geography is given an identity due to its inhabitants, and these personalities speak of a turbulent life through their silence. And Karun River, Khuzestan’s mother, binds their souls.

Amin Aghaei